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Editor Football Manager 2008 Download




This is not the same thing. That thing is for version 11 or later. It can be found on the forums at savedgames and these versions are the latest version. All saves from version 11 and up are compatible with this mod. I can't find a link. In my opinion, this is the best mod in existence for FIFA for FM2007. It just isn't known about. I tried this file but the game crashes in the middle of a save game after the second time using the mod. The mod works very well for FM07 and FM08.. I have the same problem as Ninja Outlaw. If you want to try the mod, download the free mod manager. Here's a link. The free version of the mod manager lets you download mods that don't require a patch. You can check out all the mods at the footbal manager forum. I'm currently trying to test version 19. The link in the post above is a download link. The mod manager also has download links. It should be fairly easy to install mods. If you have any trouble installing this mod, read this post. I'm unable to connect with this device.




Editor Football Manager 2008 Download

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