Myeisha "Mye" Meeks is a Retired Master Hairstylist with over 25 years of experience in the hair industry.  She is recognized for being the first female barber/stylist to style and cut the Dallas Cowboys as well as many other professional athletes. Mye specialized in precision haircutting and the care and maintenance of natural hair. Hair has always been her first love. Growing up in a salon watching her grandmother-style hair, Mye knew this industry was a natural calling.  Now that she is no longer doing hair in the salon she is focusing her attention on her Soothing Serenity Hair and Body Oil Line.  She plans to expand the line incorporating shampoos and conditioners, as well as skincare.  If you're wondering if she will ever cut and style hair again?  God only knows.  She has been approached about teaching her skills and educating up-and-coming stylists and barbers. 

Stay tuned to see what is in store for Mye Stylz!


What is your business/organization?

This business is Mye Stylz LLC an independent hair salon.


When did Mye start?

Mye received her cosmetology license in 1998 before graduating from high school. Fun Fact: Her first job was at the Greenhouse Spa (Arlington, TX), where she was a shampoo tech and nail tech. Mye had the honor of working on Jada Pinkett-Smith and some of her closest celebrity friends for the day. Her husband, Will Smith, flew them to the Greenhouse Spa for a day of pampering as well as her baby shower. (She was pregnant with Jaden).


Why is it important for the community to know your business/organization?

The community needs to know about Mye Stylz because her salon was a one-stop shop. Rarely do you find someone that can re-twist your locs and give you a sharp edge up in the same appointment, then have a client come in that requests a tapered haircut and rod set.  Mye says the key is variety and skill and providing the clients with what they ask for in her services. Mye believes our community loves convenience, and we love options, especially when it comes to our hair. If we can get that in one location, that's a win.

How does Mye hope to help the AA community with your company/organization?

Mye's hopes are to help the AA community by educating the generation after her. Stylists today are very creative and innovative, but she thinks it's very important to remember basic hair concepts that can often get overshadowed by trends. Myeisha also thinks it's important to teach the next generation about finances and savings in this industry. Financial planning is vital as a hairstylist! Cool Fact: While attending Friendship-West Baptist Church in the early 2000's she would stay after church every other Sunday to cut the homeless (VIPs) with a few other barbers. This was very rewarding. Seeing the joy on their faces after a fresh haircut was PRICELESS for her!